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Annova LNG Lateral Pipeline

Annova is proposing to connect to the Valley Crossing Pipeline. No such agreement or communication with Valley Crossing in FERC filings or referenced in agency communications.

With Texas LNG planning to also connect, will there be more gas flowing through the Valley Crossing Pipeline? Will the pressure change?

The Project will receive natural gas supply from a third-party-owned intrastate pipeline. Annova is engaged in commercial negotiations with that entity to construct a new 9 mile long, 36-inch intrastate gas pipeline lateral to provide natural gas supplies to the Project. Construction of the proposed pipeline would require a 100-foot-wide right-of-way (ROW), and a 50-foot-wide permanent easement within the construction ROW would be required for the operational ROW.

Annova intends for the third party entity to construct, own, and operate the pipeline lateral subject to the terms and conditions of a binding precedent agreement. On November 1st, the third party entity submitted a permit application to the USACE for construction of the lateral (

Annova lateral.png
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