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Banks and Financing


Annova is a subsidiary of ExelonGeneration. It is not known by Save RGV From LNG if there are other sources of funding other than its parent company.

Texas LNG:

BNP Paribas was financing Texas LNG. However, in October 2017, BNP Paribas announced it would no longer do business with companies whose main activity comes from oil and gas. It is not known by Save RGV if Texas LNG has secured a new funding source. 

Rio Grande LNG:

After a questionable process that received legal scrutiny, Next Decade went public and is listed on NASDAQ. Stocks have continually dropped since being listed. 85% of the stock is owned by institutions. York Capital owns 51% of Next Decades stock. 

Rio Grande LNG is also being advised by the French bank Societe General. No funding by banks have been secured, to our knowledge anyway.

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