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Take Action to Stop LNG



Become an active participant in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) environmental review process.

--Submit a comment to FERC about the LNG projects on our automated form  or visit and select eComment.

In order to make a comment  on the FERC site, you will need the docket number for the LNG projects:

Texas LNG CP16-116; Rio Grande LNG CP16-454; Rio Bravo Pipeline CP16-455; Annova LNG CP 16-480


Encourage your friends and neighbors to submit comments.

--Print out comment forms that feature all LNG docket numbers, collect comments from your friends and neighbors, and send them in to FERC.


--Share this webpage


Contact our elected officials and share your concerns about the LNG export complex.

--Use this list of local officials' addresses.


--Attend city and county meetings when you can and sign up to make a public comment against LNG.


Write a letter to the editor explaining why you opposed the LNG export complex.

--Letters to the editor are usually no more than 200 words.


--Here's a list of local press who print letters to the editor.


Come to a Save RGV from LNG meeting and get involved in the campaign.

--We meet regularly in Brownsville and Port Isabel.


--Contact to find out the next meeting time.


--Keep up with meetings by following us on Facebook.


--Sign up for our mailing list.

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