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Impacts on Fishing


Brownsville and Port Isabel together are the largest commercial fishery in Texas, and were ranked as the thirteenth most productive port in the U.S. in 2013.  The shallow and hypersaline Laguna Madre is the most productive marine nursery on the Texas coast, largely because of its extensive sea grasses and high water quality. The LNG plants will destroy acres of wetlands which are nursuries for young fish and shrimp, and their emissions will acidify and pollute these vital waters.


This is in turn would threaten the thousands of jobs that depend on a healthy fishery.

Our coast supports 1,791 jobs in the shrimping industry.

And sportfishing accounts for 1,327 jobs.

Because of the security measures of LNG, access to Jaime Zapata and the ship channel may no longer be accessible to the public. In addition, it is quite possible that access to the jetties will also likely be closed when a tanker is entering and leaving the ship channel.

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