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IMPORTANT: Tell Washington No LNG in the RGV August 11 in Port Isabel

A date (Aug 11) has been set for the public scoping hearings on all three LNG export terminals. FERC has decided to lump all three projects together in a single hearing, and they have chosen to use a non-traditional format which does not allow citizens to speak publicly or learn from one another.

Instead, each person would have to sit and speak privately with a stenographer hired only for this purpose.

FERC told us that they wanted to "avoid grandstanding" and that they were concerned for their official's safety. In addition, they stated that potentially only one FERC official might be present, despite the fact that there are three projects. The rest would be temporary employees.

We believe that this signals a desire on the part of FERC to avoid taking a hard look at these projects and a willingness to rubberstamp them without careful consideration of the environmental and economic impacts. By lumping together all of the projects, which have different aspects which need consideration, they are also likely to confuse the public and generate only very general public comments, not the specific ones which are required for a precise and comprehensive environmental impact statement.

We will be organizing a response, and we hope everyone can join us an upcoming Save RGV from LNG meeting and mark your calendars for August 11. RGV residents' voices matter, and we aim to raise them loud and clear.

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